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Accessibility (a11y)

Congratulations, DragSelect is accessible by default 🎉

=> Your selectables should be buttons: <button type="button"></button>.
=> ArrowKeys are used for keyboard dragging.

Obviously, keyboard users won’t get the full visual experience but it works similarly to the OS default behavior.

  1. Selection: You can select items using the default select keys (usually space or enter) and also multi-select when using a modifier key at the same time. There is one little thing you have to do tho’: the selectables have to be pressable (clickable)! To achieve this, they should be of type <button type="button"></button>.

  2. Drag: You can drag elements using the keyboard arrow keys, this will also scroll the area by default. You can press Shift in combination with an arrow i.e. Shift+ArrowRight to move the element 4x faster and also not scroll the area.

Try it out with your keyboard: